Welcome to Meridian Asset Management
(C.I.) Limited

P.O. Box 22, 2nd Floor, 9 Castle Street, St. Helier, Jersey, JE4 0XN.
Telephone : 01534 733663   E-mail : info@meridian.co.je  www.meridian.je

Our offices are at No. 9 Castle Street, St. Helier, which is the granite-fronted building featured in the photo below - opposite the side of Sand Street car park. Our main entrance is via the side entrance of the building, where a lift will take you to the 2nd floor. 

Meridian is a locally based and owned independent provider of investment management services regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission to carry out investment business. It is not part of any larger group and therefore has the flexibility to run its own investment policy on a simple, transparent and easy to understand basis for clients, not being reliant on off island service or policy centres.

Traditional values modern thinking:

  • Independent
  • Locally owned and managed
  • Original economic analysis
  • Successful operation – established in 1991
  • Operational transparency and simplicity

Meridian offers discretionary investment management services utilising a range of blue chip international equities and bonds for portfolios with a long term wealth preservation perspective in mind. A full range of relationships from private clients to corporates is serviced with a particular emphasis on local trust company clients and high net worth individuals.

Our investment style is a top down macro economic approach rather than being driven by individual stocks, but does seek to identify those companies that can maintain strong fundamentals and compound growth over the medium to long term. We use our own analysis work to drive asset allocation for client portfolios but at the same time carefully take into account individual client capital and income needs in close consultation with professional advisors where required.

Investment decisions are made locally and not by a remote investment committee.

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Meridian Asset Management (C.I.) Limited is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission,
under the Financial Services (Jersey) Law 1998, to carry on investment business.
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